July 18, 2009

Montauban Church calls a new pastor

Thank you for your prayers these last months as the Montauban church searched and interviewed pastoral candidates. The church issued a call to Sandratana Rarijason a few weeks ago and he has accepted. He will begin officially in Montauban in September 2010 although he has offered to make several visits during this coming school year to become better acquainted with the church and city.

Thank God with us for this answer to prayer. Pastor Rarijason has a pastor's heart and is a gifted preacher. Both of these qualities were high priorities for the church and we are grateful that God has provided us with such a pastor.

Please continue to pray for the church in this coming year without a pastor on-site. The church has dealt with some difficult issues over the last year and it will be a challenge to keep focused on essentials and united without a godly shepherd keeping close watch. May our Heavenly Shepherd protect and care for this little flock. May He give wisdom, strength and patience to the church council as they lead.

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